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Dan Simmons's first published story, "The River Styx Runs Upstream," won the Rod Serling Memorial Award in 1982. His first novel, SONG OF KALI, won the 1986 World Fantasy Award (the only first-novel to do so up to that time.) His next novel, 1989's CARRION COMFORT, won the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers of America. His first science fiction novel, the 1989 HYPERION, won the Hugo Award.

Since then his work has included contemporary literary fiction (Phases OF GRAVITY, THE HOLLOW MAN, ENTROPY'S BED AT MIDNIGHT), psychological suspense and horror (SUMMER OF NIGHT, CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT, FIRES OF EDEN, A WINTER HAUNTING), three collections of shorter fiction (PRAYERS TO BROKEN STONES, LOVEDEATH, WORLDS ENOUGH & TIME), three hardboiled noir novels in the ongoing "Joe Kurtz" series (HARDCASE, HARD FREEZE, and HARD AS NAILS), a screenplay adaptation of "Children of the Night," several film treatments, two produced TV scripts, and completion of his four-volume science-fiction HYPERION CANTOS epic (HYPERION, THE FALL OF HYPERION, ENDYMION, AND THE RISE OF ENDYMION),about which The New York Times wrote --"An exemplary specimen of an all-too-rare subgenre: literate space opera, replete with believable characters facing hard moral choices" and of which The Denver Post said -- "Simmons' own genius transforms space opera into a new kind of poetry."

Publishing History


Simmons's 1999 literary-mystery-espionage novel THE CROOK FACTORY, about the spy ring run by Ernest Hemingway in Cuba in 1942, was awarded the 2000 Colorado Book Award for Best Novel. His 2002 horror novel, A WINTER HAUNTING, won the 2003 Colorado Book Award for Best Genre Novel. In 2001, Dan did an original film treatment – "The End of Gravity" for European producer/director Andrei Ujica. The treatment is available in novella form in Dan's 2002 collection WORLDS ENOUGH & TIME: FIVE TALES OF SPECULATIVE FICTION, published by Harper Collins Eos.

In July of 2003, Harper Collins Eos published ILIUM, an epic SF novel based in part on Homer's ILIAD. ILIUM was on the extended New York Times bestseller lists, the LOCUS bestseller lists, and on several notable-books-of-2003 lists, including Amazon.com’s Top 50 Editor’s Picks for the year. The tale begun in ILIUM is scheduled to be concluded in OLYMPOS, to be published by Harper Collins in the spring of 2005.

In January 2004, Digital Domain, one of the world’s largest special effects studios, entered into a project to produce “Ilium-Olympos” as a major motion picture with Simmons to write the treatment.

Also published late in 2003 was HARD AS NAILS, the third book in the "Joe Kurtz" series. After completing OLYMPOS in 2004, Simmons is currently contracted to write a movie treatment and original screenplay based on his two novels SUMMER OF NIGHT and A WINTER HAUNTING. He will also be involved in the ongoing “Hyperion” movie project in the role of producer.

Locus magazine says, "Challenges appear to be what Dan Simmons is all about." Science Fiction Chronicle says, "Simmons doesn't just promise; he delivers."
            Dan in Bangkok, 1992


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