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Contributors' Gallery Page 4

Here is a rendering I did of the Shrike. It was made as a
result of a discussion I had with some friends concerning
our individual interpretations of the Shrike, and how they differed from the creature design as shown on the book
covers. They suggested I submit it to this site, and so I am.
Thank you.
Alan Dillingham

I'm an artistic director in the video game industry, among other things, I have done the designs for the "Alone in the Dark 4" game, released in 2001; as an artist, I sometimes take some time in order to make art for myself.
Here's my little contribution to Dan Simons's universe.
We also have opened a "Dan Simmons" thread on the cafesale forums, here's the link: www.cafesale.net I'm sure there will be several interesting illustrations in there pretty soon.
Take care,


François Baranger sent this in December, noting that he
chose not to laden the Shrike with too many thorns and
barbs in order to preserve the integrity of the design.
Dan Simmons thinks this is a wonderfully sensuous and
well-rendered Shrike.

Dan thinks this hypothetical cover for SUMMER OF NIGHT by François Baranger is powerful and provocative. François Baranger's other works may be viewed at www.francois-baranger.com

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