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Contributors' Gallery Page 8
On Friday, the 13th of February, 2004, Mr. Bredl from Bavaria submitted photos of these... unusual works of
art... with the following comments --
"I have read your amazing books in spring last year for the first time and the story had such a deep emotional impact on me that I decided to have a portrait of my favourite character Aenea tattooed onto my arm. The artwork for this I have found on the lovely website of Maria J. William : http://www.mariawilliam.net/aenea.html
"As you can see, I´ve added a quotation in Latin from the book as well: Aenea´s last words shortly before she dies."

When shown the photos, Dan Simmons commented -- "It's not often that a reader goes through more pain and effort than the novelist in bringing a fictional character into existence, but it certainly appears that Mr. Bredl did."



While musing in my favorite graphics program, I suddenly found myself creating this image of a 'Krak'd Erth' as I like to call it. Only afterwards did I realize that my recent reading of the complete Hyperion saga has had a profound, if subliminal,
impact on my latest works of art. This should be considered my rendition of 'The Big Mistake' from the Hyperion novels.

--Xoandre     www.xoandre.com - xoandre`s.world

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