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My name is Guillaume JULIEN, I am a french CG artist. Given that I am looking for a job for such a long time, I worked on several personal projects and I did some drawings and 3D modeling about the Shrike.

Here is my contribution to Dan's Simmons universe: some pictures (drawing & 3D modeling) of the Shrike. This work is still in progress and maybe I will animate this character in the future. Feel free to email me and give your opinion about my work: guiju@freesurf.fr. My other art can be seen at: http://www.3dvf.com/modules/galerie/artiste/index.php?idartist=2478&p=&t=&c=


I have made a drawing about a marine (Hyperion), but I haven't begun to color it yet. And maybe I will modelise this character after I finish the Shrike.

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