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Lincoln Street Water Fight a Soaking Success

The 14th Annual July 4th Lincoln Street Water Fight was the BEST EVER this year with about seventy people participating. Meeting at high noon in the middle of the street (safer than it sounds because the street was closed to traffic that day), the carnage began with a wild exchange of water balloons, hose sprays, Super Squirter attacks, rampaging bucket brigades, excited kids, hose-wielding adults, and barking dogs. This continued for about an hour.

Consensus this year was that the East Side won. Some wag (Jane Simmons?) had written on the street with railroad chalk – THE WEST SIDE IS TOOPID! – and this did wonders for East Siders’ morale.

After the water fight proper, participants picked up several thousand balloon fragments, went home to shower and dress and have lunch, and then reconvened at the nearby Central Elementary School playground where a rousing game of softball went on for about two hours. The final score was 187 to 149, although no one is sure which team got which score.

Later in the afternoon, Lincoln Street residents reconvened in the middle of the street again for a block-party picnic with food being grilled on several barbecue grills. Everyone agreed that the food this year was the BEST EVER.

Everyone at the picnic agreed that the 2005 Lincoln Street Water Fight was the BEST EVER. (And everyone looks forward to viewing photos and watching videos of the water fight this December at the Simmons’s annual Christmas Open House when the temperature is below freezing.) Later on the 4th of July, everyone went down the street to watch the fireworks from the Boulder County Fairgrounds and once again, everyone agreed that the fireworks were the BEST EVER.

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